An Idea for a Podcast

I have a cool concept of for a new podcast show. I want a podcast dedicated to teachers with tenure. Invite them on to trash their stupid students and the best & worst excuses they have heard and how they responded. How well do they know the subject they’re teaching. Do teachers ever second guess their career choice ?


Blog 3 Working Hard for the Wrong People

Hard worker? I have always considered myself to be a hard worker. I get paid to do a job I accepted to take and I’m going to do my best. At a hotel I use to work I was responsible for setting up the complimentary breakfast buffet. Usually potatoes, bacon or sausage, and scrambled eggs. I was also responsible for taking care of cleaning tables restocking silverware and napkins. And to the best of my ability get customers what they wanted, the GM told me “always have a smile and do everything the guest want” so I did. Their was also times when the cooks and dishwashers wouldn’t show up so I did their jobs too. When I worked at UPS I got loader of the month. I also got small rewards weekly for reaching company goals for miss loads (miss load goal was for 1 out 3000). I worked in the evening loading packages into the back of freight trucks and tractor trailers. Wow bragging about being the loader of the month is like bragging about getting an A in gym. Who cares?

Every place I have worked at co-workers and supervisors have told me I’m a hard worker. My problem is that I don’t work hard for myself, I don’t do the extra things that I should to make my life better. I went to school for marketing but I haven’t been able to market myself to get a job. I tried to go back to take classes In accounting but that was boring at as shit. I rather watch paint dry at least with watching paint dry you don’t figure out what’s an asset and what a liability. How do you “work smarter, not harder” if your dumb.

“Blog 1” Where to Start?

A little background about myself,  right now I am 31years old working for New York State. Working for the State is a trap that you should avoid if you can. But if you need a job working for the state isn’t so bad.  I grew up in the Albany where everyone’s life goal is to get in to the State for their benefits and all vacation time you’ll ever need. “I can’t come in I hurt my back” how? You don’t do anything that physical. Try to go for a walk, they say walking will help build back muscles. I call working for the state a trap because with the job security and benefits you receive make it harder to take career risks. I went to job fairs looking for openings in my field of study and was told you should stay with the state. *Eye Roll* It doesn’t take much to discourage me from being persistent.

I went for a marketing degree because I wanted to design ad campaigns and come up with new catchy slogans. I like the creative side of Marketing. In one class I developed an ad campaign for Coca-Cola, the theme was to have coke be the alternative to drinking alcohol “Have a Coke and drive home safely”. It should have been geared towards the Designated Driver. I wonder why I didn’t go anywhere in marketing.

At night you will find me on a comedy show or at a comedy open-mic working on material. Material like “I just signed up for an improve class, I hope to meet women who will say “yes and” instead of “no never”. I wonder why I don’t’ get more shows?