Paleo day two of a picky eater

Today starts my second day on the Paleo diet. I already feel like I’m going through caffeine withdrawals, I’m a big soda drinker so that will be a little difficult giving up. Yesterday was my first day on the strict 30 days of Paleo. i just ate chicken and salad. I’m a little intimidated because I am a picky eater, I don’t like it when someone tells me “you can’t tell the difference” when I so can. Mashed cauliflower does not taste like mashed potatoes. Zucchini pasta seems like something I would like if made with the right things. Two things I want to find is where in my city do I find grass fed beef and the appropriate butter. Seeing Paleo recipes for Chili, tacos, and chicken wings makes me think it won’t be to hard. Searching online a lot of people seem to disagree on bacon and potatoes two things I like. Bacon I would like to be able to eat with eggs for breakfast. Those who advocate it’s ok say just get it uncured. When it comes to potatoes I’ll give them up thirty days. I only plan on being strict for thirty days see how I feel and adjust.

If anyone has tips or recipes for a picky eater let me know.


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