Blog 3 Working Hard for the Wrong People



Hard worker? I have always considered myself to be a hard worker. I get paid to do a job I accepted to take and I’m going to do my best. At a hotel I use to work I was responsible for setting up the complimentary  hot breakfast buffet. Usually potatoes, bacon or sausage, and scrambled eggs. I was also responsible for taking care of cleaning tables restocking silverware and napkins. And to the best of my ability get customers what they wanted, the GM told me “always have a smile and do everything the guest want” so I did. Their was also times when the cooks and dishwashers wouldn’t show up so I did their jobs too. When I worked at UPS I got loader of the month. I also got small rewards weekly for reaching company goals for miss loads (miss load goal was for 1 out 3000). I worked in the evening loading packages into the back of freight trucks and tractor trailers. 

Every place I have worked at co-workers and supervisors have told me I’m a hard worker. My problem is that I don’t work hard for myself, I don’t do the extra things that I should to make my life better. I went to school for marketing but I haven’t been able to market myself to get a job in the marketing department. I tried to go back to take classes In accounting but after flipping through an old book trying refresh myself before taking the next level I got board. But I should of gone to the library and made myself read and take notes. When looking for a job in marketing I just went on the Internet applied for different things, I should have gone to places and talked to people in person but I’m not comfortable with that.   I have some unreasonable fear of being rejected. I’m afraid of failure but you can’t succeed without failing can you. 
I have been studying social media and online marketing. Things I want to learn is some graphic design and web development. I work with my friend part-time and a lot of there business comes from the Internet On my free time I have been listening to the Social Marketing Examiner podcast and similar podcast taking notes.  Finding ways to create more traffic to there website either thru Twitter and LinkedIn. I am interested in looking into google+ and other forms but I don’t know which ones. There’s a few books i want to read on the topic. Also some books that were recommended on the podcast Entrepreneur on Fire. That podcast is motivational, all these entrepreneurs share their fears and failures. Also they share their successes,  it’s nice to know your not the only with fears. Guest on Entrepreneur on Fire always say as bad as the failure is its never as bad as you think. They also encourage finding mentors which I am.
That’s it for now, feel free to post your own feelings and fears. Sometimes it better to put things down and out in the open makes it easier to deal with. Also post links to your page if you like.

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