Lasch’s thoughts Blog 2

Still uncategorized and I will be for awhile. I don’t know where I will take this blog. I might just end up using it to bitch about the world but I don’t want to yet. I’m trying to build up and not down.

So nothing is new for me right now, I’m trying to learn more about social media and marketing. I went to college for five years, three years at Hudson Valley Community College and two years at SUNY Plattsburgh and I ended up with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing. I have been out of school for almost five years and haven’t had any work experience in Marketing.One of my problems is I get discouraged to easily and shut down from what I was trying to do. I need to work on myself confidence and learn not to take rejection personally but I don’t know how to do that yet. In college I should of taken more internships and built up my experience, their are all these jobs that say entry-level but you need 3 to 5 years of experience is required “Wtf”. But right now I am trying educate myself on social media marketing, trying to build a skill so when I go to interview and they ask me “how can you help our company” I can reply “Social media marketing is my expertise (it’s not yet but that’s what I want to work on) and it takes more than just being on the Facebook or LinkedIn. Those two sites can be great but they could just be wasting time using it. You have to find where your market is”. And just go on like that. I want to take a few classes on it.

My big problem is I Want to do different things but I don’t know how to focus? One week I want stay in Marketing the next week I want to be in real estate, and then next week I’ll think about going back to school for a masters and become a teacher or try stand-up. But going back to school does not interest me i want to go where I can work and learn. I Feel like I’m being a whiney little bitch but I’m typing this up so I have it written down and something to keep myself accountable. This week i have also been thinking I want to be my own boss and have my own business, I need to find my passion into something but i just don’t know what. Maybe I should try meditation clear my head and organize my thoughts. If anyone reads my blog and has advise please feel free share or if they have similar feelings please comment.