“Blog 1” Where to Start?

A little background about myself,  right now I am 31years old working for New York State. Working for the State is a trap that you should avoid if you can. But if you need a job working for the state isn’t so bad.  I grew up in the Albany where everyone’s life goal is to get in to the State for their benefits and all vacation time you’ll ever need. “I can’t come in I hurt my back” how? You don’t do anything that physical. Try to go for a walk, they say walking will help build back muscles. I call working for the state a trap because with the job security and benefits you receive make it harder to take career risks. I went to job fairs looking for openings in my field of study and was told you should stay with the state. *Eye Roll* It doesn’t take much to discourage me from being persistent.

I went for a marketing degree because I wanted to design ad campaigns and come up with new catchy slogans. I like the creative side of Marketing. In one class I developed an ad campaign for Coca-Cola, the theme was to have coke be the alternative to drinking alcohol “Have a Coke and drive home safely”. It should have been geared towards the Designated Driver. I wonder why I didn’t go anywhere in marketing.

At night you will find me on a comedy show or at a comedy open-mic working on material. Material like “I just signed up for an improve class, I hope to meet women who will say “yes and” instead of “no never”. I wonder why I don’t’ get more shows?




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